New Side Project!

In the last couple of months I'm following Louie Mantia updates on Mastodon about his new website — I'm not sure how new it is — but he made this interesting post: How to Make a Damn Website. I recommend a read, a tl;dr is something in the lines of: don't worry about the form, focus on the content and keep improving. I liked the idea.

I want to start to write, I don't know exactly about what, but related with software development. Also, setting up a blog infrastructure is boring and time consuming. I'm not a web developer and the web become too complex today.

So I'm stealing Louie's approach, I'm starting plain, writing directly in html, and adding more complex stuff as needed. The idea is to learn and write about it in the process.

But I'm not Louie, so I set a git repository, I'm using Nova to write it, and I know that I'll automate things rather sooner than later.

The next step might be thinking about the structure, things like where the posts would stay, maybe a home that link to them, but that's a topic for the next post.

Diogo — 2024/04/14